Canon, an Atlanta-based rapper signed to Reflection Music Group, continued to undergo surgery on Tuesday after he suffered a shattered ankle, broken jaw and concussion from a 20-foot fall on Saturday, reported The Leaf-Chronicle. Add a comment

UPDATE: Hopsin announced on Christmas that he's not retiring and has a new album coming out.

Hopsin, a prominent hip-hop artist who announced in 2012 that he had become a Christian, declared on social media this week that he will move from Los Angeles to Australia and quit rap. Add a comment

Sam Ock's sophomore LP titled GREY is an album exploring the space where the blackness of life and purity of truth meet. In a Christian's life, there are moments when the darkest of thoughts and emotions come into contact with absolute truth and hope. Add a comment

UPDATE: According to a letter from Da' T.R.U.T.H., the upcoming live album Da' T.R.U.T.H Unplugged: A Break from the 808's will not be released until December 23rd. In the statement Truth stated "The team & I work extremely hard to always bring you the best in music, visual representation etc. and we never want to come up short in the quality department so unfortunately we're going to push it back just a little longer." Add a comment

HillaryJane released her debut EP Stix and Stones on Infiltrate Music this past July to a warm welcome from fans and media across multiple genres. Stix and Stones also peaked at #3 on the iTunes R&B chart which were attributed to the vocals, however the music produced entirely by 808xEliTE was hip hop. HillaryJane starts her songwriting on her acoustic guitar so it was only natural to take her project to it's roots. Add a comment

Skrip, the first artist to sign to Infiltrate Music is the last to release a retail project on the label. With production duties on his free full length project Und_rscore II, label mate KIDD's Murder My Flesh, Andy Mineo's "Cocky" and more - Skrip kept delaying his first release on Infiltrate. The wait is over - sort of. Add a comment

Trip Lee's highly anticipated album Rise has risen to the occasion and peaked at number 3 overall on iTunes and number 1 in Hip Hop. Check out our album review of Rise and buy the album on iTunes now! Add a comment

Five Billboard charts included Canon and Je'kob's latest projects this past week.

Reflection Music Group's Canon released the EP Loose Canon Vol. 2 and it rose to No. 101 on the Billboard 200, No. 9 for Rap Albums, No. 2 for Gospel Albums, No. 6 for Christian Albums and No. 17 for Independent Albums. Save the City Records' Je'Kob shared the gospel chart with his album This Side of the Sky, which peaked at No. 25. Add a comment


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