Reach Records artist Tedashii is still working on his upcoming album "Identity Crisis" which is now planned to released April 2009.

Tedashii comments "It has been a long process but well worth the fight to create something that will honor God and will serve you well. My desire was to have a project full of truth and still give you some of that tdot flavor you love, and I think it's there." Add a comment


The Ambassador's new music video "Gimme Dat" (single from the Chop Chop) is now out! Watch it now here on Rapzilla. After the illegal leak that took place a few weeks ago the video is finally complete and officially released. Add a comment


Dert (producer of the Tunnel Rats) started a new 4 track project today called The CMYK ep. "It will have a vibey, synthy, spacey sound to it" says Dert . The CMYK ep will be released digitally only around February / March 2009. Add a comment


aTone's EP "Up In Arms" is the 2nd Ep in a series of 3 EPs with 7 tracks that started with Visible Sprightliness.

"Up In Arms" touches on our responsibility of living a life that is set apart and focuses on aspects that can transform our lives.

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For a lot of people, it's easy to assume that most Christian hip-hop is the same. You can expect lots of shoutouts to Jesus, no cursing, and average skills that rarely sound as good as "the real thing." But realistically, hip-hop was never vulgar to begin with, and as long as the beats and rhymes are tight, you're getting the real thing regardless of an MC's religious background. Here in Broward County, three talented lyricists, Juanlove, K-Nuff, and Butta P, who perform collectively as Rhema Soul, are making a name for themselves with their latest digital download EP, Dope Beats Good News, which is one of the more creative releases to come out of South Florida all year.

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Braille has been working hard on his upcoming album "Cloud Nineteen." Braille shares his plans in his last newsletter:

I only have two songs to finish and the "Cloud Nineteen" album will be completely finished. This is my collaborative record with S1 of Strange Fruit Project. We are planning for a March 3rd release date in 2009 and we have decided to drop this record on our own. At first, I was intimidated by this idea but then a fire started to grow in my heart. I've been thinking a lot about the younger generation. Add a comment


Ever wonder where is 4th Avenue Jones today? recently interviews Ahmad Jones about his whereabouts.

At the age of 17, West Coast artist Ahmad Lewis secured a record deal with Warner Bros. through the now defunct Giants Records while still a senior in High School. Ahmad quickly broke out of the gate with his widely popular song “Back in the Day” which made fans look back and reminisce on their own days of growing up in Hip-Hop. Read the rest of the article Add a comment


Last week we posted about Todd Collins saying to be on the lookout in 2009 for Beatmart. Which sparked the question, is Beatmart back (read article)?

Soul P (former artist on Beatmart) just uploaded a video update about him being in the recording studio in Nashville with Todd Collins. Could this be what Todd Collins was talking about? Watch the video. Add a comment

k-Drama's new album "Boombaptism" is out today. They say "Hip Hop is Dead?" k-Drama's 5th release, BoomBaptism, is a direct retort to this question successively circulating today. BoomBaptism, according to k-Drama is, "the rebirth of creativity in Rap music." He believes it's not too late for rap music to be resuscitated and submitted to the Lord. This album inspires listeners to have confidence in the gift God has given them. "I'm encouraging listeners to seek God, not the world, for ideas to apply to their ministries," explains k-Drama, "God is limitless!"

Buy it now at

k-Drama - Boombaptism
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St. Louis gospel rapper Flame was watching an “Everybody Loves Raymond” rerun Wednesday with his wife when he found out he was nominated for a Grammy Award for his “Our World Redeemed” CD.

Flame, a.ka. Marcus Gray, is up for a Best Rock or Rap Gospel Album award, sharing the category with tobyMac, Superchick, Sanctus Real, and After Edmund.

“I got a text message from my manager saying I was nominated, and I was in a state of disbelief,” says Flame, who resides in Louisville.

He didn’t even know the nominations were coming out that day.

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