shai linne has released his new album "Storiez" with Lamp Mode recordings. Fedel "I Live" is releasing independent and will be a bit late since there was some duplication problems. Take a listen to the albums, shai linne 3 song leaks on Rapzilla and Fedel's free mp3 single on Rapzilla.

Buy the albums (or pre-order Fedel) now at

shai linne - Storiez

Fedel - I Live
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Two new music videos have been recorded and we wanted to give you the heads up so you can expect to watch them soon on Rapzilla.

Frontlynaz "Can't Break Us" from DJ Morph's new mixtape "International"

Brinson featuring D-Maub "Solar Powered"
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You can now view the first set exclusively on Rapzilla's facebook profile, add us as your friend to view the photos! Pictures of Urban D, Tedashii, Syntax, Reach, Mars ill, Odd Thomas, Sev Statik, DJ Morph, Mark J, and others. Pictures will be added daily. First interviews to be added to the Rapzilla Video Podcast (subscribe via iTunes) this week!

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Japhia Life is working on his upcoming album "Westside Pharmacy". Japhia Life says he has almost 100 new beats to choose from for the project, from producers such as Kid Classic, Tha Healing LLC, Dilemma, The Black Rascals, Chris Batson, Wit, Paradigm, Mustafa, 1 Luv, Juice2020, Tonex, and Todd Collins. Yes, Japhia Life and Todd Collins are back at it from a production standpoint only. Add a comment


After 6 weeks of being in the TOP 10 Most Sold Albums on iTunes for Hip Hop / Rap. Lecrae "Rebel" is now #12 which is still great! Rebel peaked at #3 on the iTunes Hip Hop Albums sales chart and #11 for All Albums Sold on iTunes. Lecrae comments about the chart success in a Rapzilla interview"They (Charts) don't equate success to me really. They equate opportunity for people to hear another world, another mindset, another way of life, which is the ONLY way to really live," Add a comment


Just.Live's (Minneapolis Hip Hop Duo) direction has been going mainstream for a while now since the release of their album "Moxy". They've just released the music video for their single "So Ghetto."
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Liberty University is becoming a force in Christian hip-hop. Robert Hillman is trading his Liberty University Police Department uniform for a Christian rap career.

Hillman, 26, who earned a degree in government and religion at LU, left for Texas in late October after working seven years for the LUPD — and he had a freshly signed music contract in his hand.

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Lecrae at Flavor Fest 2008

Flavor Fest this year was amazing! Rapzilla is back and we have a lot of pictures and footage that we will put up on the website throughout the next few weeks. We truly want to encourage everyone to go to Flavor Fest. The festival is truly one of the best Christian Hip Hop events. The picture above is Lecrae, more to come, stay tuned on Rapzilla. Add a comment


Are you aware of the most spectacular play ever produced? It's a phenomenon greater than anything Broadway has ever seen. The Star is the most famous Person in the history of the world—and you've been cast in the play as well. Find out your role on 11/18/08.

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Cats love black and white Christian Hip Hop music videos, but that's not what we'll debate on today. In the last month there have been 3 new music videos released all in Black and White. So we were curious to know which one you think is best? We've also included in the poll older videos that fit the category. Vote now on the homepage (at the bottom of the right collumn).

Watch the videos if you haven't seen them yet:

Dre Murray "My Lane" , Propaganda "Feel Me", Tha Gim "Freedom Song", RedCloud "Boulevard Knights"N.I.F.T.Y. "Hope" (Renewed), Mars ill "When Heave Scrapes the Pavement"Dae Lee "One Reason"

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We asked you which song from Rebel should be Lecrae's next Music Video? You responded and below are the poll results!
In an interview we had with Lecrae he said they are working on doing "Don't Waste Your Life" but we still wanted to know your opinion and here you go. Add a comment


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