B-Luv reveals the tracklisting for his debut album 'GROWTH'. The album will release digitally via iTunes, Amazon and CDBaby on August 13, 2013.

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1. Opening Night - (Produced by Darion Ja'Von for NU FLOW Productions)
2. All of Me ft Joel Jelinski - (Produced by Darion Ja'Von for NU FLOW Productions)
3. Graduation Day ft. Isaiah Tate & B. Reith - (Produced by Darion Ja'Von for NU FLOW Productions)
4. unTITLED - (Produced by Jashua "Genuine" Afre and Darion Ja'Von for NU FLOW Productions)
5. Love of my Life ft. Canton Jones - (Produced by Shaun "DRoc Darling & C. David Beverly)
6. Guidance ft. TWyse, Da T.R.U.T.H. & Darion Ja'Von - (Produced by Darion Ja'Von for NU FLOW Productions)
7. Grow ft. Jai - (Produced by The Chemistri Productions)
8. The Vow ft. Taylor Elise - (Produced by Avery "A-Minor" Gunn and Darion Ja'Von for Nu Flow Productions)
9. Pleased with Me - (Produced by Darion Ja'Von for NU FLOW Productions)
10. The Gospel ft. Co Campbell - (Produced by The Chemistri Productions)
11. Hero ft. J.R. - (Produced by Shaun "DRoc Darling, C. David Beverly, & Darion Ja'Von)
12. Rescue Me - (Produced by C. David Beverly)
13. Eternity ft. Leah Smith - (Produced by Darion Ja'Von for NU FLOW Productions)
14. The Greatest ft. Darion Ja'Von - (Produced by Darion Ja'Von for NU FLOW Productions)
15. Success.Fear.Reflections - Produced by C. David Beverly, Darion Ja'Von & Loren Dawson)

KIDD's debut album is boldly titled 'Murder My Flesh' and will release on September 3rd. The realization and concept of Murder My Flesh comes from a vision that the Lord revealed to KIDD when he got saved. KIDD adds that it is "A struggle in the spiritual realm between good and bad - we always have to murder our flesh (die to self) as a daily routine." 'Murder My Flesh' started as a movement when KIDD was 14, to influence people to not be ashamed or scared to reveal their struggles and temptations but to and deny themselves.
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The experimental artist SPZRKT has a lot work coming soon as the year finishes. The SCMGWP member recently announced that he is preparing for a new free project in November titled 'Lucid Dream'.
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Recording rtist and producer K-Drama has revealed the cover art and release date for his upcoming seventh studio album. The "Air Jordan" craze originator is set to release his newest album in 3 years, entitled 'Winds & Waves', on September 24, 2013. The first single "Getting Up" is available on iTunes now.

What sound are you hoping to hear from K-Drama's seventh studio album?

One of the most intriguing story lines in Christian Hip Hop has been the redemption of once-mainstream rappers to faith in Christ and renewed artistry. This has happened most notably in the lives of MC Jin, formerly of the label Ruff Ryders and No Malice, formerly known as just "Malice" from legendary duo The Clipse. Completing the trifecta is Lupe Fiasco-running buddy and recent Rapzilla Hot 16 participant Gemstones.
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