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Holy Hip-Hop – it is not just for the deeply religious and positive thinking. Today, rappers from the mainstream are moving away from the secular and reconnecting with a Christian faith that was once just a hush-hush topic in Hip-Hop circles. With a Rap community that is filled with misogyny, drug and alcohol abuse, and endless violence, Hip-Hop's need for a balance has turned many listeners and artists back to their faith in order to reconcile a society's turmoil.

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We had a talk with Reach Records & 116 Clique artist, Tedashii and Lecrae, in Nashville during the GMA week 2008. Tedashii will drop his second album entitled "Identity Crisis" on July 30th 2008! "The heart behind it is to say, let me capitalize on the message behind Kingdom People" says Tedashii.

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Are the Good News Bad Boys back at it again?

Could be. 3 days ago, Nuwine/Wine-O and Lil Raskull/Ras were interviewed on Houston's Praise 92.1 FM's "Street Gospel" show with DJ Wiz and Crazy C/DJ Revelation.

During the hour-long show, Ras and Wine reminisced about their early days of ministry and discussed the impact of Pimp C's words on Nuwine's desire to return to evangelism.

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Here are some new videos of Trip Lee's upcoming album 20/20. More will come soon.


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Televised live on the Gospel Music Channel and held at the Grand Ole Opry House in Nashville, the 39th Annual GMA Dove Awards show featured some impressive numbers: a different artist bestowed with a Dove Award in every major category, statuettes awarded to more than 35 different artists and a dozen performances including more than 30 artists.

Hip Hop Category Winners:

ImageRAP/HIP HOP RECORDED SONG (song; album; artist; writer; label)
“Name Droppin’”
Bone-Appetit Servin’ Up Tha Hits; T-Bone; Rene F. Sotomayor, Teak Underdue, Dee Underdue; Flicker Records

Image RAP/HIP-HOP ALBUM (album; artist; producer; label)
Group 1 Crew
Group 1 Crew; Christopher Stevens, Andy Anderson; Fervent Records Add a comment


Flame calls himself an urban missionary, and he said communicating with the kids he wants to reach means speaking in a cultural language they understand.

"This is perfect because the power of hip-hop music is tremendous, not only here, but all over the world."

More than anything, Flame said he wants to make the Christian message relevant to young people growing up in an urban setting.

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It's GMA Week in Nashville, we were down there for the weekend but had to come back early. Just wanted to let all of you know that we are back with a few video interviews with Braille, Lecrae, Tedashii, Willie Will, and Bobby Bishop. Expect to see the interviews up on the website and podcast soon. Sunday night, we were at the Syntax Records showcase "Peanut Butter & Jam Party, Hip Hop on the Rooftop," which was a success and can't wait for next year's event! Special thanks and shout out to the entire Syntax Records family (Tim, Steve, Brandon, Kaboose, Promote, Shane, RedCloud, and Episode) who made it possible for us to be in Nashville! Add a comment


R-Swift will release his sophomore album with Cross Movement Records / Lamp Mode Recordings entitled "Soapbox", June 10th 2008. You can listen to a sample of his song Good Morning on CMR.

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Click here to watch the e-card and listen to the samples of Trip Lee's upcoming album 20/20 releasing May 20th.

Vision has many dynamics. Vision gives us the capability to see objects. It can help guide a lost man down unfamiliar surroundings. It can even turn a blank canvas into a masterpiece. The Scriptures communicate that 'Without vision, people perish'. Any sensible human can comprehend how vision is important. As inhabitants of earth how do we envision life? As people, we are all responsible to see life through the proper perspective. But first we must see our Creator for who He is. Add a comment


 Staring at the cocaine in his hand while his mother prayed over him was a defining moment in Quincy Jones' life. Only a few days earlier, the 21-year-old was confronted with his need for a savior and put his faith in Jesus Christ. Now, he faced a dilemma: Sell the last bit of his cocaine in order to pay his bills or flush it down the toilet and trust God to provide.

After her prayer, his mother said, "Quincy, you need to throw that away for all that the Lord has done for you and how He has protected you." In that decisive moment, he surrendered everything to God, turning completely from his former life of dealing and using drugs. A friend began to disciple him and helped him get involved in ministering to young people in the Washington, D.C., area. Add a comment