Image The Righteous Riders team up with DJ One 3 to present Blue Chip and Specialist Groundzero Mixtape. You can download this 6 track mixtape completely free! The GROUNDzero Mixtape features songs from the upcoming anticipated release “GROUNDzero” by Blue Chip and Specialist releasing in stores nationwide July 8th on B4 Entertainment/Arete Music Group and will be distributed by CLG Distribution. The mixtape features shout outs by artists such as Kurtis Blow, Pettidee, Gospel Gangstaz, Lee from the D.O.C and more. Blue chip wants to tell the fans "this banging mixtape shows the feel of our new record coming out giving you a sample of whats going to hit in July.” You can download the mixtape at or or go directly to Add a comment


May 31st the FLA Boyz are gonna have Tampa, FL throwing their bows up! Rawsrvnt and Pettidee are going to be shooting the music video for Raws anthem “Bows Up” at their favorite hip-hop church, Crossover. Of course non other than Rawsrvnt's tag team partner Spe© (who also did Urban D's and the Ambassador videos) will be responsible for making the shots come out hot as he will be producing the video. If you are in Tampa FL go and get the directions and more information about the video shoot/concert on or Add a comment

On Friday night in Royal Brougham Pavilion, Portland-based rappers Jelani "G-Natural" Greenidge and Jaamar "J-MAC" McKelvey, rapping about breakfast cereal, received enthusiastic applause from 150 attendees.

As hip-hop crew "The Iccsters," they performed during the fifth annual Night of Beats, including the song "Cereal," which features rhymes about rap skills and a relationship with Christ using cereal metaphors:

"The love of God compels me to move / and kind of like Kix, he's kid-tested and mother-approved. / So strong, you don't need to spike it / and makes Life so good even Mikey likes it."

During their set, Greenidge said that some people still think that being a "Christian rapper" is a contradiction, almost like being a "Christian porn producer."

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The honorees for the 2009 Holy Hip Hop Awards have been announced: LG Wise, Young Prayzr, IROCC, S.O.M., D-M.A.U.B., Gospel Gangstaz, The Great Commission, Danny "D-Boy" Rodriguez (posthumous), Legacy, XROSS, Dice Gamble, and Christafari.
Ambassador Award: Kurtis Blow Walker and Josh Niemyjski (of Sphere of Hip Hop and illect Recordings).

The Award Ceremony will be taking place January 16-17, 2009, at Earthlink Live Arena in downtown Atlanta, GA. Add a comment


An article about Christian Hip Hop in the Washington Times. 

Good luck trying to tell 30-year-old Emanuel Lambert Jr., known to his listeners as Da' T.R.U.T.H. , that hip-hop is dead — that record sales within the music genre are slumping and its reputation is sagging because of its perceived penchant for bling, breasts and blow.

Mr. Lambert still believes in the power of hip-hop culture and still believes in its ability to uplift. He has faith — quite literally.

For the past six years, Mr. Lambert — known to his listeners as Da' T.R.U.T.H. — has made a living writing, recording and performing rap songs that riff on God and the Scriptures, not gats and spinners. The Grammy-nominated emcee is one of a growing number of Christian artists who have chosen to express themselves through hip-hop music and dance.

The people pushing so-called "holy hip-hop" are diverse. They're white, black, older, younger, well-to-do and strapped for cash. Most, but not all, are born-again.

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The Arizona Republic interviewed Sinbad and take a look at this Q&A:

Q: What would fans be surprised to find on your iPod?
A: I've got three of them, and it runs the gamut. There's always some funk, some jazz fusion, some jazz-funk, some rockers that can really throw down. There's a lot of hip-hop Christian rap on there, too. I don't know if that would surprise people. What would surprise people?

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