On April 4th and 5th on Chicago's South Side, Viktory, accompanied by Joel Kapity of Dreams on Screen Productions began a 2 day, 30+ hour video shoot for the new single entitled "On Fire", from the new album Son of the King, to be released mid-year. Viktory is working on a new album which you can expect to release this year (TBD).
Joel and crew have already begun editing the footage. In the meantime, here are live photo's from the shoot:

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There's a movie in the making about the story of Nicky Cruz, called "Run Baby Run."

Based on a true story, Run Baby Run, is legendary throughout the world for its compelling and honest message of life on the streets. It’s a story of survival, fear and the matchless power of love.

In 1938, Nicky Cruz was born in the countryside of Puerto Rico. Brought up in a spiritual nightmare of witchcraft and brutality, he screamed out his aggression all the way to the streets of New York City. Now in 1958, a time when teens dance the jitterbug, and the city swells with clashing cultures, Nicky stands alone in this concrete jungle. Seduced by the power of gangs, he joins for his own protection and a sense of identity. Nicky quickly becomes the most vicious and feared gang warlord of them all. But just as he reaches the height of his fame, his personal battles bring him to his knees.

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Tammy Taylor said some of the most popular Christian ringtones are songs by rap artists. Taylor is with, a site that offers religious ringtones.

Some of the more popular artists include Cross Movement, Flame and Da'T.R.U.T.H., Taylor said.

"As people are finding out about the site, we've noticed the main sellers are Christian rap and rock artists, praise and worship music and your hymns," she said.

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JAHAZIEL IS one of Britain’s most in-demand gospel rappers. He talks about his debut album Ready To Live, and working with young people.

Soul Stirrings (SS): How does it feel to be described as one of Britain's most popular gospel rappers?

Jahaziel (J): It feels good to be appreciated for what you do. I guess being one of the most popular gospel artists is just testimony to the years of hard work I’ve put in.

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"Two Bradford Churches are working together to launch a new kind of church service in town. Grace Lutheran and Open Arms Community Churches are teaming up to start "The Remix" on Thursday nights at the Grace Lutheran Community Life Center.

"Hip Hop is at this point, a large part of our culture. There are a lot of people in our community who live the hip hop culture, and the church is not connecting with them," says Josh Hatcher, Outreach Coordinator at Open Arms. "

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Phanatik will shoot a new Music Video for his song "Sho’Em Off".

On Phanatik's myspace blog he's asking people to come dressed, this info may give you an idea of the music video.
Peep the contrast - God’s Glory vs earthly fashion...which one are you showing off more??? If you’re local ( philly jersey ny de ) and can make it the scene being shot is a fashion show. Come dressed to impress in your cultural best. We need extras for the crowd and a few extras ( who stand from the crowd) will be chosen for the run way! Also, if you make Christ-centered fashion get at me. This might be a chance to co-labor and Show’Em Off. - Written by Phanatik

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April 1st, Reach Records had a funny April Fools joke about a new addition to their roster: Verb:31. Check it out below.

Reach Records is pleased to announce the latest addition to the roster, VERB:31 to the 116 clique family! These young ladies are NOT ASHAMED of their faith and Reach is amped about supporting them in their ministry! Add a comment


Devin Turner - Now or Never - In Stores Tomorrow

Shanell - By Design - Free Download

Ash M - Enlightenment the Album - Buy on iTunes