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Yesterday, Andy Mineo announced that he’d be doing a show this weekend with secular artist Fetty Wap. While many praised the opportunity for the Reach Records artist, other saw this as a “sell out” move or something vehemently against the gospel. Fellow Christian rapper Illuminate felt compelled enough to do a Facebook live video explaining his thoughts on the matter.
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Presidential independent candidate Evan McMullin spoke with Sho Baraka at Blueprint Church in Atlanta and fielded questions from those in attendance. He covered topics such as finding a solution to the number of abortions occurring, challenges facing African Americans, and how health care and job support can change the landscape of the country.
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Christian hip-hop artist Dee-1 is now embarking on the Sallie Mae Knowledge for College Tour where he’ll speak to students on planning and paying for college. He is also partnering with Sallie Mae to help lead students to scholarships and grants or money.
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