Introducing the Bumps and Bruises "Artist Series". They set out to start an on going project of collaborating with artist such as Rhema Soul, from all styles and art forms. They wanted to showcase them while still growing the Bumps and Bruises brand. In their first release they've teamed up with three artist all with different styles but with one mind set and that is to work hard and be creative.

Rhema Soul is innovative to the core. Three albums in and no signs of letting up, touring constantly, making their presence known both nationally and internationally. What they do is more than create music, they create atmosphere. Along with the sale of the tees, Rhema Soul will be offering an exclusive remix download of their hit single, "Steez."

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220 Entertainment Group and Xist Music recently announced a new joint-venture at the STAND: The Movie Preview Party event on Saturday, January 15 in Nashville, TN and at the 26th Annual Stellar Awards press event. The announcement also included the two new Xist Music signings, of touted rappers The Ambassador and Da’ T.R.U.T.H. Add a comment

Last month we took a survey to find out if enough of our readers wanted Rapzilla on their Android devices as much as iPhone users. Why didn't we just launch an Android app? Did we just not care about Android users? NO! It costs money to launch an app on another platform so we need to find out if we can cover our costs. Our survey definitely showed strong interest but not enough that we feel confident we can cover our costs. We had several people offer to pay more than $20 to help offset the cost to launch the app, but upon emailing that group of people we got zero donations =). SO, if you would like to donate to help us offset the cost of launching our app, please send it to [email protected]

In the meantime, we have launched the app on faith that it will do well and our readers will support it! You can support as well by purchasing the app for $1.99 in the Android Marketplace. Search "Rapzilla". Enjoy!

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The release of Wit & Dre Murray 'Hell’s Paradise 2' is right around the corner. They have decided to make a few goodies available for download in the form of the HP2 Audio Trailer. Included in the Audio Trailer are the songs “HP2” and a solo performance by Wit called “All Part of the Plan.” Add a comment

Lecrae's follow up to 'Rehab', 'Rehab: The Overdose" which dropped this week is buzzing on the charts. Currently holding the #1 bestselling Hip Hop/Rap album on iTunes and #2 overall album on iTunes. This is the highest charted Christian Hip Hop album yet.

Where do you think the album will debut on the Billboard chart next week? Purchase the album now on iTunes or Amazonmp3 Add a comment

Currently Trip Lee is taking five months off to complete his pastoral internship. During that time off, Trip will release one song per month leading up to the release of a five song EP in May or June of 2011. Later this year, in the fall Trip will also release a full length album. Reach Records is keeping the releases coming! Add a comment

Dwayne Tryumf is set to release his new compilation album entitled: ‘Beginnings’ on February 22, 2011. The first single from the album called 'King Jesus' will be available on Amazon MP3 & iTunes on January 11, 2011 which features seasoned UK artists G-Bag & GEMS. The album is a collection of 6 tracks previously unavailable, including the original version to ‘So Amazing,’ and 6 selected tracks from the 2006 Ghetto Scripture album that Dwayne removed from online and physical sales in 2010 because he was not happy with some of the content on the album. All of the songs were recorded before 2009 but some of the production of the music ranges from 1999 to 2010. Add a comment


In 2011, our goal is to ensure that Christian Hip Hop is curated, chronicled, and cultivated to enable Christians that like hip hop to have an alternative to the garbage that is pushed out in the mainstream. Additionally, we want to provide a better platform for artists that are looking to gain some notoriety.

The first project that we are unveiling to achieve those goals is! will provide an outlet for viewers that want to quickly see all of the latest Christian Hip Hop videos as well as provide artists the outlet to have their videos curated, cultivated, and chronicled.

Your video may already be live on, however if it isn't, please submit a link to your video giving & permission to upload the video to our YouTube channels and we will do our best to post it on the site. Email [email protected] Follow our new endeavor on Twitter @ChristianHHTV! Add a comment


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