Shai Linne recently announced that he will be collaborating with Theory Hazit to produce a single off his upcoming album ‘Lyrical Theology Part One’. Based off Shai's tweets the record will break down Psalm 110 and may be titled "Lamb & Lion". This should be another example of a quality Humble Beast and Lamp Mode Recordings collaboration.
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We reported news of a full length album entitled 'Of Vice & Virtue' coming soon from the Humble Beast signed group Alert312 a few months ago. The artwork, release date, and tracklisting has now been revealed for this upcoming project. The album is set to release January 29, 2013.

1. Vice Versa
2. The Villain vs. The Virtue
3. Dragon Bragging
4. Caesar
5. Lack of Achievement
6. Babble ft. Odd Thomas
7. Kill the Elephants
8. Damn
9. Jaime
10. Invisible Man ft. Catalina Bellizzi
11. Life’s Wonderful
12. Supreme