When we think of missions or missionaries, we most likely will think of going outside the country or people that go outside the country to do missions. There maybe a small amount of people that thinks of the existing mission field at their jobs, schools, the Starbucks, carwash or right out side of their front door. For that very reason X Hustler Music LLC, founder Travis Thi’sl Tyler has teamed up this summer with K-Drama, J’son, Pro and Dj Morph to bring you, “The Urban Missionary Tour.” Add a comment


Bryan “Braille” Winchester has been in the hip hop game for a long time now and he is now taking yet another step in hip hop. “Talking Textures” is the name of his new label. His previous label “Hip Hop Is Music” where albums 'Extra Credit' by Theory Hazit, 'Spring of the Songbird' by Sivion of DeepSpace5 and more were released, is being shut down in place of Talking Textures. Braille released an update earlier this month about the label, saying that it contains two principles: “letting the music speak for itself” and “letting God speak for himself”.

Braille went on to talk about some of the releases that will be come out under the new label. The first being Othello and DJ Vajra with the album 'Required Taste' which is slated to release in June, and is meant to have that summer feel to it. The surprise to the update is where Braille tells the viewer that Sharlok (Sareem) Poems of L.A Symphony and DJ Dust of DeepSpace5 are finally releasing their record 'Dirty Words' on the new label. This was big news solely because the two released songs about 2 years ago and an album was always rumored to come out, however the group was just having trouble finding a label.

This year is going to be a year to pay attention to Talking Textures. Go pick up your copy (on 4/27/10) of Braille’s 'Weapon Aid,' the first album to be released on the label (in conjunction with Syntax Records) and stay tuned to Rapzilla for more news on Talking Textures. Add a comment


It was a bright and sunny April day on the West Side of Chicago. The streets were filled with scattered groups of people talking shop and car rims. Children chasing each other through oncoming traffic, all while dope boys pushed product to strung out customers. Just another day in the hood. The weather was unbelievably nice yet there was a sort of thickness in the air... tension. The type of tension that comes from being in K-Town, one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Chicago.

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P.A.T. Junior Nystagmus
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