Freestyle Missions and The Heart of Hip-Hop announce the worlds first Urban Hip-Hop discipleship school.

School will focus on equipping future leaders targeting the Urban and Hip-Hop culture and communities.

July 01, 2010 Atlanta, GA – Freestyle Missions ( and The Heart of Hip-Hop ( are currently accepting application to attend the Urban & Hip-hop discipleship school. The school operates a nine month program for males 18-30 who are called to urban and hip-hop missions and ministries. The first of it’s kind, the school will be located in what some label the “hip-hop capital of the world”, Atlanta, GA.

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Many people that heard the songs, “I Hate You” and “Picture on a Shirt” from Thisl’s “Chronicles of an X Hustler”, had similar words, “This sounds like a movie soundtrack.” Someone else also felt that way after witnessing Thisl’s performance at “The Urban Missionary Tour” in Seattle, and that was independent filmmaker Chris Corey the director/producer of “Hollow.” Add a comment

PRo's new album 'Redemption' peaks at #3 in the Top iTunes Christian & Gospel Albums. "Clear the Air" the single featuring Lecrae ranks #33 in the Top iTunes Christian & Gospel Songs. The album also ranks #2 on AmazonMP3 for Christian & Gospel Albums and #7 on AmazonMP3 for Hip Hop/Rap Albums. Overall iTunes & AmazonMP3 the album ranks #62 on both.

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No more updates. See u near the end of finishing of my new album. Pray 4 me. Releases this fall. 116 on tour this fall too.#fbless than a minute ago via Echofon

Lecrae tweets about his new album dropping this fall. It will come out October 2010 according to Infinity Distribution's website with a possible album cover. Add a comment

The mission of J'son's "City Lights" is three fold. First, this CD is given to encourage the believer, no matter where they live, to be a light to their city. Secondly, it's telling the person that doesn't know Christ, that the reason life is so dark in the city, the hood, and the block, is because of the absence of the light of Christ. And lastly, the reality is, a time will come when Christ will return, and we won't have to fight to be lights anymore... He will be the light. Add a comment


Brother and sister duo, The Washington Projects, are back with Light Up The Dark, the follow-up to their debut, Commanders Of The Resistance. Available now, the album can be found for digital download through iTunes, and physical copies can be purchased through the group’s website. The project will be released to retail stores on August 3rd, through Universal. Add a comment

Cross Movement Records (CMR) announces the upcoming release from newly signed, emerging hip-hop artist K-Drama. Hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, the refreshingly imaginative lyricist has been unceasingly grinding for the last decade on the underground circuits, making a name in the Christian hip-hop community not only as an artist, but also as a premiere producer and a relentlessly hard worker. With a reputation of delivering crunk, anthem-type music that motivates listeners to do right, K-Drama is set to only reach higher heights with his new home at CMR. K-Drama and Cross Movement Records share the same sharply-honed desire to edify Christians worldwide, and their pairing promises to increase their focused strengths exponentially. Add a comment

I’ve been getting a lot of emails, phone calls, text messages, blog comments, etc. regarding my participation in TV One’s new reality show, “The Ultimate Merger.” Some were good and some where, ehh, not so cool. I wanted to take some time out to personally share with you my heart and bring some light to your questions and/or comments. I hope you understand even more so why I decided to take part in the show after you read this letter. Thanks for your love, prayers, and support. God bless! Add a comment


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