KJ-52 has released 2 new mixtapes available for free download at: kj52podcast.com. First one entitled "52 television prequel mixtape: 'The office'" is a 16 minute mixtape collection of various verses and songs recorded over the last few years. And the second "The Yearbook" is a snippet mixtape from the yearbook album... share, burn, evangelize with them! Add a comment

Here's a video that we captured, of Braille with help from Syntax Records giving away his latest project, "Cloud Nineteen" with Symbolic One. Took place at Revolution '09 in L.A., 500 were giving away free in just under 10 minutes. Watch the video showing it all 800% faster. Add a comment

Kanye West shows respect for the veteran emcee, Ahmad on the world famous Wake Up Show with Sway, King Tech, and DJ Revolution just in time for the first Ahmad solo album in 15 years. " The Death of Me" coming soon!

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Independent rap pioneer Lyrycyst has announced a partnership with the newly launched Gimmesound.com, where a large portion of the artist’s music catalog is available for download. The groundbreaking music website has developed a system that allows artists to give away their music for free, while creating income for the artist through a share of the site’s monthly advertising revenue. Add a comment

Check out Ahmad's artwork for his highly anticipated sophomore solo project "The Death of Me", releasing October 12th. Ahmad recently formed a new music company called WeCLAP, an acronym for We Change Lives, Attitudes and Perceptions. WeCLAP is partnering with Syntax Distribution, to release the forthcoming WeCLAP catalog. "The Death of Me" will be the first for the label. Stay tuned for an official press release. Add a comment


Most of us have plans for the future. Many times we share those plans with others – we talk about where we’re going to go and what we’re going to do – what album we’re going to drop or what business or ministry we’re going to start... Add a comment

KJ-52 and Viktory were shooting a music video in Chicago a couple days ago for the "Swagged Out with the Tags Out" Remix (the song will be in the FREE mixtape coming out the same day as the 52 Television album, September 23rd). Check out the tweets about it (with pics and video): Add a comment


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