A new K-Drama Mixtape is on the way, and it is sponsored by MMA clothing line, Jesus Didn't Tap.

Over the years, K-Drama has recorded more songs than what is available to the public. However on March 16th, 2010, he will unlock the vault of his private collection of songs for the listening pleasure & edification of all who listen!

This 19 track CD includes songs that didn't fit on "Behind the Glory" "BoomBaptism" & collaboration songs that were never released by other artist. The most popular & anticipated song of this CD is his new single "Happy Happy Joy Joy" that has been performed at countless amounts of concerts & sought after by many. This is the 1st time this song is being made available.

This mixtape is sponsored by the MMA clothing line, Jesus Didn't Tap. Jason David Frank, owner of Jesus Didn't Tap was formerly the Green/White Ranger on the hit TV Series, "Power Rangers."

This compilation of unreleased K-Drama songs will be a blessing to all who own this CD. Visit www.k-dramamusic.com, or iTunes to purchase today.

For more information on Jesus Didn't Tap Clothing, visit www.jesusdidnttap.com.

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Always on the hunt to bring new talent to their fans, BEC Recordings is partnering with New Zealand based Parachute Music to introduce the music of Rapture Ruckus to the United States in June 8, 2010. Rapture Ruckus will release their fourth project, which includes songs recorded in Nashville, TN with industry-maven Joe Baldrige (DC Talk, Family Force 5), as a part of the BEC Recordings’ partnership.

Fronted by MC Rapture (Brad Dring), Rapture Ruckus craft an arresting, original fuse of Rock laden Hip Hop, with heavy guitars and slick pop sensibilities. Honing a tight stage show over the past eight years, the band dazzles with big production and a live show that is most at home under the flashing lights of festivals and stadiums. Rapture Ruckus debuted in 2002 at New Zealand’s Parachute Festival (one of the largest music festivals in the Southern Hemisphere) breaking the event’s record for highest-selling new act. Owning the stage like veterans, their slamming show propelled Parachute Music to instantly sign the act, and they have since become a key headliner of the 25,000-strong festival.

Rapture Ruckus has continued touring, supporting bands throughout North America, Europe, Africa and Asia. Already releasing three albums since their 2002 debut, and winning the 2007 New Zealand Music Award for Best Gospel Album, Rapture Ruckus is thrilled to bring their music to the United States via BEC Recordings. MC Rapture spits out gritty, honest lyrics, covering his redemption story from a broken home and substance abuse problems to an uncompromising confidence in Christ. The songs are instantly infectious (their sophomore album garnering the band five No. 1 singles), and Rapture Ruckus rile the crowd until everyone is chanting along, or at least waving their arms with the Hip Hop salute.

Rapture Ruckus releases on June 8th, 2010.

1. No Matter What
2. Tonight
3. Hold On
4. All Things New
5. I Believe
6. All We Got
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After a four-year hiatus multifaceted singer/songwriter Michelle Bonilla readies to release her sophomore studio effort entitled In Spite of Me, April 13th on RockSoul Productions.

The recent Temple University Cum Laude graduate first came on the scene with her 2006 release "Phenomenal" where her single 'Sin Ti' charted on the top 20 CHR charts.

She’s back with her producer Lee Jerkins (Out of Eden, Cross Movement) with an inspirational 16-track CD--13 full songs and three diary excerpts--with strong infusions of R&B, pop and Latin melodies featuring Jamaican gospel recording artist Chevelle Franklin, and gospel hip-hop artists Lecrae, Flame, and R-Swift. "My music is a blend of who I am culturally—urban, Latin, rock and soul," says Bonilla.

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Urban D. and Crossover Partner with JCTV

Crossover Church spearheaded an outreach at two Juvenile Correction facilities along with the JCTV Network who brought T-Bone and Deleon Sheffield from their camp. Crossover's pastor Urban D. and their youth pastor Broken both performed music and Urban D. brought the gospel at each facility. They led several inmates in prayer during and after the event. JCTV put together the outreach as they came Florida for a day as their programming has just been approved to all of the state's juvenile facilities reaching a total of over 50,000 inmates under 18. This video features some highlights about JCTV's Second Chance programming and some great moments from that day with the artists and inmates. Add a comment


A recent rant on Rhema Soul's Twitter account has, in fact, led to some interesting discussion on the topic of art and the mind of the consumer. What the group released was a slew of Twitter posts which gave a glimpse into an experiment being carried out. The rundown is this: Rhema Soul is releasing an album entitled Fingerprints on March 30, 2010 and has, as of a week ago, begun taking pre-orders for the highly anticipated project. There are three packages altogether. The third, aptly titled the Double Deluxe Package, includes several items as well as a mysterious graphic tee (Also, if you purchase the last package you are entered into a drawing to win a Rhema Soul custom skateboard deck).

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Google Inc.'s online video-sharing site announced a new program -- dubbed "Musicians Wanted" -- to lure independent musicians to its social networking site.

The program targets independent artists by offering them an easy way to create their own homepage, or channel, on YouTube and share in the ad revenues generated by their videos. Up until now, YouTube has only offered the revenue-sharing option to artists who have contracts with record labels or who have carved out special contracts with the video-sharing site.

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Willie Will is preparing to release his new album 'The High Life' through E1 (KOCH Distribution). The single "Ready 2 Rock" features Mark Arthur & D-MAUB and will be available on Rapzilla in April. The album features Mark Arthur, D-MAUB, R-Swift, Sevin, K-Drama, Humble Tip, Young Joshua, Jazz Digga, Illy Wonka and ELOH. Add a comment


“DJ Shok and I have been building up since 2005. It was extremely humbling when he first contacted me, as his music resume is extensive (Eve, Busta Rhymes, Snoop, DMX, Big Pun, Styles P, Jadakiss, and the list goes on.) He had taken a new direction from Ruff Ryders, and was praying about establishing connections with Believers. Since that time, our friendship has grown, with Jesus at the core. It’s refreshing to have a guy you can call to simply spill and pray with; music aside. He worked on my Everyday Man record (Launch, T.I.M.B.S) and proceeded to remix the entire record as a side project, in celebration of the Everyday Man record and the tremendous reviews and purpose it has served. We’re going to release it a little bit at a time.

When I threw the T.I.M.B.S. track out there to some of my peers, the response was overwhelming. Thank you to all who participated; it was a huge blessing to get you all on these tracks.

The theme is simple: we are God’s mouthpiece. Evangelism requires being deliberate in our actions and words. To use hip-hop as the subculture to express that has been a tremendous privilege for the past fifteen years.”

Bobby Bishop & DJ Shok present:

T.I.M.B.S. (This Is My Bridge to the Streets) pt. 1
Young Josh
Bobby Bishop
DJ Shok
Corey Hicks

T.I.M.B.S. (This Is My Bridge to the Streets) pt. 2
Bobby Bishop
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The release of New Rebel Flag's Nitty Gritty EP kicked off in the city of Slidel, LA just one week prior to their Saints team securing Louisiana's first ever Super Bowl win. The Nitty Gritty EP release party has continued to generate buzz from NRF's energetic performance which also raised $1,000 in support for Haitian relief efforts. New Rebel Flag is now scheduled to join forces with Creative Vision Outreach for a 3 week campaign impacting 15,000 students in the greater Southwest Missiouri region.

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Image What do you get when you take a collective of artists and attach the terms record label, hip-hop crew, support system and blend them together in a complimentary mission goal? Humble beast.
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Buck Barnabas Streelights in Egypt EP