We give praise to God for providing us with this platform and growing it every year since 2003. We want to thank all of you that visit the site, share content, and advertise. With all of that said and combined, we have had our biggest traffic month ever, as you can see from our screen shot of our Google Analytics dashboard. Thank you! With everything we have in the works, and the way June has already started, we know we are going to continue to break our traffic records! Add a comment

New York, NY (May 31, 2011) Xist Music and The UpLift! Group are proud to announce a partnership with Pastor Chris Durso, author of the Zondervan bestseller MISFIT: Dealing With Our God-given Discomfort, to present MISFIT Tour 2011 this Fall, from September through November. The nationwide tour is a fierce, creative explosion of seven of today’s leading voices in Christian music and spoken word and will feature Hip Hop artists including three-time Stellar winner Da’ T.R.UT.H. and Christian Hip Hop pioneer and GRAMMY® nominee The Ambassador, R&B/Soul phenomenon Mali Music, R&B/Hip Hop artists Sean Simmonds and Rhema Soul, powerful spoken-word artist Oraia and the visionary behind MISFIT Tour 2011, Pastor Chris Durso. Tour activities will not only consist of the word and song presentations at each venue, but also volunteer activities or service projects carried out by the tour participants with community members in each city, to demonstrate, together, the positive attributes of being a MISFIT. Add a comment

Tedashii's 3rd album 'Blacklight' which dropped on iTunes a week before it's scheduled release date has already made some buzz on the charts. Currently the album is holding the #2 bestselling Hip Hop/Rap album on iTunes and #8 overall album on iTunes.

Where do you think the album will be next week on the charts? Purchase the album now on iTunes for $7.99! Add a comment

PastorAD3 is riding high, with a new album dropping June 28th, 2011.

In spite of all our differences and no matter how diverse we all are, there are two things that ring common throughout the history of human existence: pain and love. It doesn't matter where you're from, what gender you are, what color you are, or your economic status-pain and love are the invisible threads that connect us one to another.

There's a popular phrase in our culture that says "No Pain, No Gain". It speaks of the necessity and inevitability of pain in order to produce gain. Pastor AD3 begs to differ. 2000 years ago on a hill called Golgotha, hanging between two thieves, battered and bruised was the ultimate example of love. However, within that ultimate example of love there was also the ultimate example of pain. From the perspective of Christ's cross the phrase goes from "No Pain, No Gain" to "No Pain, No Love"- speaking of the excruciating pain that was felt while the ultimate love was being expressed.

No Pain, No Love is a collection of songs that highlight the seasons of pain as well as the seasons of love in the real life of Pastor AD3. It allows the listener to see AD3's heart and attitude concerning his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Most have only heard AD3 while being featured on other artists' music. Now it's the world's chance to hear his heart as it relates to his God. Come and take a journey through the life of an anointed psalmist. With songs like "Copycat" that expresses the needed desire of all believers to imitate the Father as dear children, to ballads like "Deeper" and " Feature Presentation" there is an array for everyone. No Pain, No Love also has the familiar style of AD3 with catchy hooks, hard beats and punchlines in the songs "What You Drinkin' On?" featuring new comer Erica Danae and "Bag'em" featuring A-1 the LP, Dre Sr., and Sauce Remix. The tract "The Way You Do It" features HiSociety member Swoope and expresses man's need for correction and the believer's perspective of the chastisement of the Lord. The album also features Thi'sl, KamB.I.N.O., D-MAUB, and more. Add a comment

Dear Lamp Mode & Hazakim Supporters,

Some of you are aware of the medical issues I have been facing in recent months. About 4 months ago I began having problems swallowing food & liquids. The problem got progressively worse until I was unable to eat or drink nearly anything. I finally went to the doctor and, after a number of tests, discovered that I have a rare esophagus disease called achalasia. Essentially, the nerves of my esophagus, as well as the sphincter muscle which leads into my stomach, do not work to allow food to pass. Because of this, I am unable to eat most things and am limited to a liquid diet consisting mainly of Ensure & vitamin drinks. Pizza has never looked so good! Add a comment

"To what shall I compare this generation" (Matt 11:16) CMR is celebrating 15 years using the music industry as a “Roman road” for disseminating the Gospel. Having been a ministry leader responsible for helping to facilitate a spiritual and cultural movement over the last decade plus, CMR has brought the world some of urban music’s highest caliber of ministers (The Cross Movement, Da Truth, Flame, J.R., Lecrae & Reach Records, Michelle Bonilla & Rock Soul Entertainment, Everyday Process, R-Swift, Shachah, The Ambassador, Phanatik, Tru-Life, and John Wells-The Tonic). Our industry accolades range from multiple Grammy nominations, numerous Dove Award (Gospel Music Association) nominations and several Stellar Award winners and nominations. More importantly CMR has been keenly focused on how its efforts will be rewarded in heaven where tribute really means something. Add a comment

PERSPECTIVE. It determines the way we view the world, it shapes our value systems and fuels our aspirations. As believers, our perspective emanates from a clear understanding of our identity in Jesus Christ. Biblically speaking, we are citizens of Heaven and ambassadors on Earth. In short we are pilgrims. It is with these facts in mind that Zerubbabel presents his sophomore album - 'Pilgrim Perspective'. Add a comment

Start your summer off right by checking out the new album from FEDEL that redefines the Club as we know it. 'Club David' challenges listeners to live a life in passionate pursuit of God - featuring an amazing line up of songs, producation and artists, including: Cam, K-Drama, Kambino, Corey Paul, Mouthpi3ce, Sean Johnson, Je'kob, and ZG. Listen to the single 'Club David' feat. Cam here. Add a comment

Unable to look over this talented mans gifting and the many visible things The Lord is doing in his life, much prodding, speculation and questioning circled across both sides of the pond. But now Preacher Boy Entertainment is pleased to announce the newest artist signed to Lamp Mode Recordings: S.O. Add a comment


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