Danny 'D-Boy' Rodriguez - The Boy Don't Play (Throwback Thursday)

Today's Throwback Thursday take's us all the way to 1990's The Lyrical Strength of One Street Poet by D-Boy. And while you may not have heard of the name D-Boy, his significance was huge in the development of early Christian hip-hop.

Unfortunately, one of the reasons he is not well known is because he was murdered just one week after this record came out.

D-Boy started rapping in the mid-80s and put out projects in 1989 and 1990, as well as a posthumous release by his label in 1993. He was known for his work with teens and kids in the inner city, and himself survived being raised by drug addicted parents.

He cut his teeth with the likes of Stephen Wiley, DC Talk, and P.I.D. as early runners in the Christian hip-hop genre and went on to inspire rappers such as T-Bone and Corey Red and Precise, who paid homage to him in 2004 with "Martyr's Anthem."

Let us know if you'd like to learn more about D-Boy and maybe we'll make an article on him.

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