Video: The Future Glory [Romans 8:18 - 30]

The Streetlights Multimedia Bible team is excited to release the first video from their upcoming Volume 2: The Blueprint multimedia curriculum. Volume 2: The Blueprint aims to walk the listener through the biblical themes of Law and Grace as found in Exodus 1-20 and the book of Romans.

The Volume 2 Curriculum Box Set comes with the Streetlights Urban Audio Bible, which reads Exodus 1-20 and Romans word for word with a hip hop soundtrack, along with 10 Videos and a 16 lesson Curriculum all teaching the foundational Christian doctrines of Law and Grace.

The first video to be released is Romans 8:18-30, "The Future Glory" read by Odd Thomas of Humble Beast and produced by Wit of Collision Records.

To stay updated on when Volume 2: The Blueprint multimedia curriculum will be released connect with Streetlights at: and follow them on Twitter @SLBible.
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