We got a chance to catch up with the New Orleans bred rapper Dee-1 at the 2014 Dove Awards Red Carpet. He shared his take on the Dove Awards and a little bit about his upcoming music including his newest single, "Against Us." Add a comment

Today, famous radio talk show The Breakfast Club interviewed their "most requested artist" Lecrae on topics such as why Christian Hip Hop, living up to the Christian artist standard, performing for secular crowds and collaborating with secular artists, and many other interesting topics. The Anomaly artist also shares about past molestation adressed in "Good, Bad, Ugly," and oddly enough Charlamagne, who is deemed the overly sexual host, opens up about his relatable experience.

Check out the interview and share your thoughts in the comments.

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Battle Rap culture is huge globally. You have artists extending their reach by battling on platforms such as KOTD, Don't Flop, URL, and more. Battling nowadays is done a capella which shines more light on the lyricism. Creative wordplay, varied rhyme schemes and showmanship reign supreme. Add a comment


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