At first glance, the title "Formerly Known" will strike a chord with anyone who has been following Andy Mineo's music. Those who know about the name change from c-lite to Andy Mineo will get it, but that's not the only reason the mysterious title.

Each of us long to be understood, loved, known. Most of us spend a majority of our life pursuing people, places, and things that we believe can offer this kind of comfort. Andy's hope is that this project will point people to the answer to those longings. We were made to have fellowship with the God that created us and knows us better than we know ourselves. The God that knew us before we were formed in our mothers womb. The God that knows every hair on our head. The God that makes us a new creation.

"I share quite a bit about my past on this project. Much of the album is testimonial. Prior to coming to faith in Jesus, I was an enemy of God. I was my own king, I lived life opposing the loving commands God has given us. I was what the bible describes as "a child of wrath" - but through Christ saving work on the Cross, that is only what I am formerly known as. Now, I am a child of light, a friend of God. My prayer is that many would come to know this God that makes all things new."- Andy Mineo Add a comment

Many people know Flavor Fest for the big concerts, but the main reason the whole weekend goes down is for the leadership training during the day. Hundreds of urban leaders gather to learn, network and collaborate with each other in 3 general sessions and 5 workshop tracks that feature 20 break out workshops.

This is the 11th year for the Flavor Fest Urban Leadership Conference. Over 2,200 leaders have been trained over the past decade! This year everyone at the conference will be serving at a huge block party for the hood on Saturday afternoon as we'll give away thousands of pounds of food and love on the people of the inner-city of Tampa.

So, don't just come to the concerts and just get the icing... come to the daytime and get the whole cake!

Check out www.flavorfest.org for the full speakers line up and workshop schedule.

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