Hailing from Malawi, Africa, Mic Mash has something to offer for not only his people but English speaking people as well. His music video for L.O.V.E. perfectly displays that.

Tedashii just dropped a surprise music video for a song called "Way Up" featuring KB that he just mentioned earlier today.

Hip-hop artist Focus is part of the Renaissance Movement Music collective that is battling for at-risk youth in Africa. His song "Felony" along with a group album called Safe House will raise funds to build a home to combat sex trafficking.

Jet Trouble dropped his album Warren Park today and a long with it a music video for the song "Youth."

RIFICA just released "Different," a hip-hop song that is filled with Motown vibes, off of his latest album Fresh Manna.

Rapper Navelle Hice released his music video for the song "The Ingredients" back in June but it is now gaining momentum especially since his Sway in the Morning appearance.

King Chav flips the classic song "Melodies From Heaven" by Kirk Franklin and put a new spin on it. "Melodies" is a song about remembering where all of our inspiration comes from.

After a few R.I.P. Datin posts on social media scared people, these posts have finally been revealed to be a promo for his music video "Do It Again (Datin's Dead).

Who Meech's latest music video "Walls" challenges the listener to keep themselves and God undivided.

Rap artist Ceej just dropped a powerful music video for his song "Virgo" off his upcoming Black Tie album.

Hilgy opens up about some of his deep wounds with his new video for "Dad."

Spencer Kane, solo artist and member of Anthem Lights, stepped out of his usual R&B/Pop realm and dropped a hip-hop song called "This is the Intro," making it his fourth single of 2017.

Shopé just released a music video for his song "Power." The message is simple, when you start living as God intended for you to live, He fills you with His power.

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