Hip Hop artist Swoope dropped a music video for his song "All The Time" off of his album of the same name.

Twothree Reed is a Christian rap artist from Fort Worth Texas who just released his second single and a music video for "Do It Better."

Hip Hop artist Lecrae just dropped a music video for his track "Broke" off of All Things Work Together.

J. Monty broke his musical silence with a strong statement in the form of a metaphor with a music video called "Bad Roommates." Let us know if you figure out the meaning.

Eric Heron dropped his music video for the song "Bet" featuring Lawren off of his just-announced Afterglow: A Somewhat Complicated Story album dropping on December 22nd.

UK hip-hop artist Guvna B dropped his new single "Everyday" which deals with the loss of his father earlier in the year.

Rapper and singer Kaycee of Illuminate's ITW just dropped a music video for her song "Treasure." Illuminate gave a guest verse on the track, but Kaycee rocked it on both singing and rhyming.

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