Hip Hop artist Swoope dropped a music video for his song "All The Time" off of his album of the same name.

Twothree Reed is a Christian rap artist from Fort Worth Texas who just released his second single and a music video for "Do It Better."

Hip Hop artist Lecrae just dropped a music video for his track "Broke" off of All Things Work Together.

J. Monty broke his musical silence with a strong statement in the form of a metaphor with a music video called "Bad Roommates." Let us know if you figure out the meaning.

Eric Heron dropped his music video for the song "Bet" featuring Lawren off of his just-announced Afterglow: A Somewhat Complicated Story album dropping on December 22nd.

UK hip-hop artist Guvna B dropped his new single "Everyday" which deals with the loss of his father earlier in the year.

Rapper and singer Kaycee of Illuminate's ITW just dropped a music video for her song "Treasure." Illuminate gave a guest verse on the track, but Kaycee rocked it on both singing and rhyming.

Hailing from Malawi, Africa, Mic Mash has something to offer for not only his people but English speaking people as well. His music video for L.O.V.E. perfectly displays that.

Tedashii just dropped a surprise music video for a song called "Way Up" featuring KB that he just mentioned earlier today.

Hip-hop artist Focus is part of the Renaissance Movement Music collective that is battling for at-risk youth in Africa. His song "Felony" along with a group album called Safe House will raise funds to build a home to combat sex trafficking.

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