Steven Cooper artist began his efforts in the Kansas City area of Missouri. Cooper was raised by a single mother who struggled with a massive drug addiction that kept the family in a Add a comment


Nue Breed, formerly of a group of young rappers that were known for their high energy show called C.O.R.P. 1, has been working on new material and establishing himself as a solo artist. The song is meant to inspire people to keep their faith in God no matter what happens in life. In this video you see a man go through the worst but at the end of the day he still has a song to sing. Nue Breed's album 'The Overflow' will be releasing early summer 2012. Add a comment

The 17 year old Portland native has moved down to So. Cal and has apparently been basking in the So. Cal lifestyle. Zachary Garman pka Suppli, mentioned on his blog that his father is planting a church in the near future called SEED. We're looking forward to seeing this young'n grow. Add a comment


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